The Food Coma – 9/2/2020

The Most Important NYC Food-Related Hashtags of the Week for Instagram

As part of my good turn daily, here are machine-learning backed important hashtags to all the New York foodies out there looking to get more recognition for their quality food pics. Using AI on tens of thousands of recent NYC-based Instagram food posts, these are the 20 hashtags that are most important to higher engagement. To anyone trying, to build a following or simply post something that’s too nice to miss, you can feel confident that these are both currently relevant and highly effective in terms of boosting engagement. The viewer can also see how popular each hashtag currently is (within the NYC food universe) so as to maybe diversify away from overly crowded hashtags.

An ode to what once was, a toast to what could be

Last week, I lamented the closing of Highlands. In a similar vein, this week, I’ll dedicate my restaurant picks to restaurants most similar to Augustine, another unfortunate victim of this crisis. I remember many a weekend brunch there and was a big fan of their steak frites. Let’s pour one out at one of these New York restaurants that have menus most similar to our fallen favorite and have the good fortunate of still being in business. (The methodology used here relies on an AI framework explained in a previous post).

The Clam

The Crosby Bar

Inside Park at St. Bart’s

The Smith

One if by Land, Two if by Sea


Wine 30

Bobby Van’s Grill Times Square

Merchants River House

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