TikTok Trending Tags Booster – 9/6/2020

It’s no secret that gaining TikTok followers goes hand in hand with hopping on the latest trends. Should you go down this path, what might not be as clear is the other tags you incorporate into your posts can absolutely be game changers.

Using machine learning methods on hundreds of thousands of the most recent TikTok posts of the currently trending topics, here are the tags that will engage you with a wider audience. Enjoy!

Trending TopicImportant Tags
ActingChallengeforyou, acting, fyp, foryoupage, pov, funny
ActionLinesrockincollege, duet, foryou, viral, fyp, greenscreen, perfectasiam, funny
AirheadsDitchChallenge4u, fyp, foryou, foryoupage, meme, greenscreen, comedy
Alphetsnewfitfeelin, canyouworkit, foryoupage, xyzbca, viral, moodflip, foryou, duet
AltTikTokindie, elitetiktok, fyp, deeptiktok, foryoupage, alternative, foryou, straighttiktok, gay
AnimeThingsnaruto, weeb, fyp, anime, foryou, myheroacademia, feeltheflip, viral, dogsoftiktok
ArtLessonsfyp, foryoupage, art, xyzbca, duet, comedy, greenscreen, rockincollege
BearWeekcomedy, viral, foryou, fyp, morehappydenimdance, funny, xyzbca, foryoupage
BeautyEssentialscomedy, makeup, stepintolove, fyp, foryou, fy, foryoupage, greenscreen
BeautyTipstrending, beauty, beautyhacks, foryou, duet, skincaretips, fyp, skincare, makeup
BeautyTutorialpremiosjuventudchallenge, foryoupage, viral, homecourtdunkoff, fyp, foryou, xyzbca, chilidogyum
BehindTheSongforyou, xyzbca, foryoupage, fy, fyp, comedy, summerlooks, viral, duet
BestCosplaycosplay, fyp, foryou, slurpeesummer, duet, comedy, elfmagicact, foryoupage, funny
BlackTikTokblacktiktokcommunity, trending, funny, foryou, fyp, blackgirl, comedy, foryoupage, xyzbca
Bookwormsharkweek, viral, duet, xyzbca, booktok, foryoupage, strictlycurls, foryou
CatPersonviral, xyzbca, foryou, cats, getcooking, readyforhockey, favoritememory, catsoftiktok, foryoupage
ChoresInThisHouseforyou, chemicalhearts, readysetgo, fyp, foryoupage, duet, funny
CloudBreadfyp, duet, gotmilkchallenge, funny, foryou, viral, umbrellachallenge, xyzbca
ColorCustomizerduet, foryoupage, theoldguard, fyp, fashionfavorites, greenscreen, alt, xyzbca, foryou
ColorSelectorxyzbca, foryou, greenscreen, foryoupage, funny, duet
Cottagecorelegendarychallenge, art, aesthetic, viral, lgbt, greenscreen, summervlog, xyzbca, fyp, duet
DIYFashioncanyouworkit, foryou, comedy, viral, xyzbca, foryoupage, thisisbliss, strictlycurls, fyp
DUAVIDEObankholready, duet, fyp, xyzbca, funny, fy, gamingweek, aysaucechallenge
DateNightreadysetgo, duet, foryou, viral, fyp, chemicalhearts, comedy, greenscreen
DiverseVoicesviral, fyp, lgbt, foryou, foryoupage, funny, comedy
DogPersondog, foryoupage, fyp, viral, foryou, trending, dogsoftiktok, shredwithbillandted
EasyMealforyoupage, viral, superlativesmiles, perfectasiam, rockincollege, funny, food, whatsyourpower
Entrepreneurviral, inmyaejeans, foryou, gotmilkchallenge, garyvee, sidehustle, millionaire, foryoupage, motivation
FanArtduet, fyp, anime, foryoupage, viral, art, bts, drawing
FashionEditfashion, fyp, xyzbca, foryoupage, viral, duet, foryou, beatsdaisychallenge, unitedwedance
FitCheckfunny, foryoupage, chemicalhearts, comedy, greenscreen, fyp, shredwithbillandted, foryou
Flashbackduet, viral, foryoupage, littlebitfancy, greenscreenvideo, funny, xyzbca, comedy, fyp, greenscreen
FreezeFramePhotofunny, fyp, xyzbca, foryou, duet, greenscreen
FurnitureFliptrending, comedy, legendarychallenge, foryoupage, xyzbca, greenscreen, foryou, viral, fyp, funny
GardenProjectfunny, foryoupage, xyzbca, trending, fyp, foryou
GetFitacupgrade, foryoupage, xyzbca, duet, fitness, workout, fyp, thisisbliss, foryou
GimmeLovetrending, xyzbca, fyp, comedy, funny, theoldguard, foryou, foryoupage, viral
GoSkateduet, foryou, foryoupage, chemicalhearts, xyzbca, funny, fyp, greenscreen
GreenScreenSkyxyzbca, fy, foryou, maybeitsmaybelline, viral, foryoupage, littlebitfancy, duet, fyp
GreenScreenTilefunny, comedy, trending, greenscreenvideo, coupledup, foryoupage, fyp, viral
GreentoPurplefunny, fy, fyp, foryou, beautyreview, foryoupage, substepchallenge, legendarychallenge, viral
HamilFilmsubstepchallenge, hamilton, 4thofjuly, xyzbca, foryou, viral, foryoupage, fyp, hamiltonmusical
HikingSznfriendthings, whatsyourpower, xyzbca, foryoupage, perfectasiam, fyp, superlativesmiles, stepintolove
HomeCookingviral, xyzbca, funny, stayathome, foodie, fyp, food, cooking, foryou
HungerGamesfyp, viral, foryou, foodreview, xyzbca, duet, greenscreen, theoldguard, foryoupage
HurtMyFeelingsforyoupage, fyp, littlevoice, foryou, moodflip, comedy, viral, duet
IAmLosttrending, foryou, letsfaceit, xyzbca, skincare, foryoupage, funny, viral, greenscreen, fyp
IndigenousDaycomedy, xyzbca, foryoupage, fyp, viral, duet, canyouworkit, foryou, funny
ItStartsOnTikTokreadysetgo, fyp, foryoupage, foryou, viral, duet, xyzbca
JustVisitingcomedy, fyp, trending, moodflip, stepintolove, duet, funny, foryou
LaughPauseviral, foryoupage, foryou, comedy, fyp, xyzbca, duet, legendarychallenge, greenscreen
LookalikeEditforyoupage, comedy, funny, viral, fyp, foryou, inmyaejeans, duet, xyzbca
MagicMomentxyzbca, foryou, viral, fyp, tiktoktaughtme, foryoupage, duet, theoldguard
MakeAForestfyp, letsfaceit, foryoupage, foryou, xyzbca, summerproject, whatsupdocchallenge
Manifestationtarot, laceemup, fy, funny, morehappydenimdance, foryou, foryoupage, fyp, letsfaceit
MeTimeduet, fyp, xyzbca, foryoupage, funny, foryou, comedy
MedievalTikTokreadysetgo, chemicalhearts, fyp, viral, trending, foryou, xyzbca, comedy
Mipanfy, xyzbca, fyp, mipansususu, parati, greenscreen, comedy, foryou, viral
MobileGamexyzbca, stepintolove, fyp, littlevoice, foryou, foryoupage, duet, gaming
MusicSavesduet, foryou, ripchadwickboseman, fyp
MyOrderfunny, greenscreen, foryou, readysetgo, duet, foryoupage, comedy
NBAThundersticksreadysetgo, comedy, funny, chemicalhearts, viral, fyp, foryoupage, foryou, duet
NicerToMehiddengems, fyp, foryoupage, morehappydenimdance, greenscreen, xyzbca, foryou, unitedwedance, comedy, viral
NobodyNeedsToKnowgreekfreakout, toomanyshoes, fyp, viral, fashionessentials, xyzbca, foryoupage, funny, duet
NotTheOneduet, funny, xyzbca, elfmagicact, biggestfan, trending, viral, foryoupage, toomanyshoes
ObsessedWithItforyoupage, fyp, safeguardsplash, howto, greenscreen, viral, supportsmallbiz, foryou, skillbuilding
OneLoveOneHeartlaceemup, fyp, foryou, morehappydenimdance, viral, foryoupage, duet, greenscreen
OnlineSchoolgreenscreen, fyp, funny, foryou, foryoupage, viral, xyzbca, zoom
OutfitChangexyzbca, acupgrade, foryoupage, duet, thisisbliss, fyp, foryou, funny
PetsOfTikTokfyp, xyzbca, petlover, dog, cats, foryoupage, meetmyparents, dogsoftiktok, catsoftiktok
PhotoStoryfunny, fyp, greenscreen, viral, duet, xyzbca, miraclecurlschallenge, foryou, planttips
Phrogxyzbca, fy, fyp, morehappydenimdance, duet, frog, foryou, beatsdaisychallenge, funny
PlayBallfunny, baseball, fyp, slurpeesummer, foryou, elfmagicact, toomanyshoes, foryoupage
PokemonGOwhatsupdocchallenge, letsfaceit, fyp, duet, foryou, greenscreen, sportsareback, foryoupage, viral
PopcornDuetgreenscreen, xyzbca, perfectasiam, superlativesmiles, stepintolove, fyp, duet, foryoupage, foryou
PostAMemoryfunny, foryou, fyp, whatsupdocchallenge, letsfaceit, elfmagicact, slurpeesummer, xyzbca
Prince4Everlittlebitfancy, greenscreen, favoriterecipe, viral, fyp, foryou, xyzbca, checkmeoutchallenge, foryoupage
ProveWhatsPossiblelgbt, fyp, momsoftiktok, xyzcba, foryoupage, foryourpage, foryou, viral
Queerbookfunny, ripchadwickboseman, gay, foryou, itgetsbetter, lesbian, lgbt, fyp
Rags2Richesfunny, miraclecurlschallenge, duet, snoozzzapalooza, checkmeoutchallenge, trending, foryoupage, foryou
RamsayReactshbdtiktok, duet, foryoupage, foryou, food, umbrellachallenge, fyp, inmyaejeans, funny
ReadingListtheoldguard, fyp, foryou, duet, tiktok, viral, foryoupage, xyzbca, funny
Rollerskatingsummer2020, greenscreen, duet, howto, fyp, foryoupage, rollerskates, foryou, rollerskate
ScienceFaircomedy, foryou, funny, viral, perfectasiam, fyp, littlevoice, foryoupage
ShowAndTellforyou, foryoupage, fyp, funny, duet, greenscreen, comedy
SmallBiteshredwithbillandted, foryoupage, fyp, chemicalhearts, comedy, viral, greenscreen
Snapshotfyp, foryoupage, duet, funny, xyzbca, greenscreen, comedy, rockincollege, readysetgo
SoAwkwardviral, duet, greenscreen, funny, superlativesmiles, foryou, comedy, whatsyourpower, perfectasiam
SongOfTheSummerviral, moodflip, foryou, foryoupage, fyp, greenscreen, stepintolove, littlevoice
StanleyCuphockey, foryoupage, nhl, foryou, moodflip, sports, duet, viral, xyzbca
StreetFashionstreetwear, fyp, duet, gotmilkchallenge, fashion, greenscreen, foryou, madeincanada, foryoupage
SummerDIYfyp, foryou, gotmilkchallenge, inmyaejeans, greenscreen, funny, duet, xyzbca
Teleportforyoupage, stepintolove, superlativesmiles, xyzbca, littlevoice, funny, comedy, viral
TextReactionviral, fyp, letsfaceit, foryoupage, morehappydenimdance, funny, foryou, duet
TheWeekndEXPfy, thisisbliss, foryoupage, acupgrade, viral, duet, foryou, fyp
TikTokFanFestcomedy, foryoupage, duet, foryou, slurpeesummer, greenscreen, funny, xyzbca
TikTokRecipeforyoupage, acupgrade, viral, learnontiktok, gotmilkchallenge, duet, cooking, fyp
TikTokTeachersbacktoschool, teachersoftiktok, spreadpositivity, foryou, learnontiktok, tiktokteacher, coupledup, fyp, teacherlife
TikTokWithAlexaforyou, whatsyourpower, viral, xyzbca, rockincollege, readysetgo, comedy, funny
TimeforTENETfunny, xyzcba, tenet, fyp, foryourpage, duet, foryoupage
TodayILearnedlearnontiktok, duet, fyp, coupledup, viral, funny, xyzbca, comedy, foryoupage
TodayYearsOldfyp, letsfaceit, greatoutdoors, laceemup, whatsupdocchallenge, funny, icecreamday, foryoupage, greenscreen, foryou
TokyoOlympicsviral, fyp, elfmagicact, duet, letsfaceit, foryou, xyzbca, foryoupage
TreatYourPetcatsoftiktok, pet, petstory, fyp, funny, duet, checkmeoutchallenge, miraclecurlschallenge, viral
TwoOptionsfunny, letsfaceit, foryou, beatsdaisychallenge, greenscreen, foryoupage, duet, fyp, summerproject
VibeZonefyp, unitedwedance, beatsdaisychallenge, comedy, viral, funny, foryoupage, greenscreen, foryou
VinylCheckfunny, fyp, greenscreen, froshweek, foryoupage, duet, trending, foryou, xyzbca
WaitForTheGreatscomedy, foryoupage, xyzbca, funny, love, foryou, shredwithbillandted, viral, duet
WearAMasksubstepchallenge, funny, fyp, comedy, xyzbca, covid19, covid, greenscreen, foryou, familythings
WelcomeWeektiktok, foryou, greenscreen, fyp, xyzbca, comedy, duet
WholeNewGamepremiosjuventudchallenge, duet, viral, foryoupage, comedy, fyp, foryou, xyzbca, mybff
yougotitfamilythings, backyardvibes, maybeitsmaybelline, healthyhabits6step, fyp, deliveryheroes, foryoupage, greenscreen, foryou

Interested in another tag or set of tags, don’t be a stranger. Comment below and we’ll be sure to include it in tomorrow’s edition!

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