TikTok Trending Tags Booster – 9/4/2020

It’s no secret that gaining TikTok followers goes hand in hand with hopping on the latest trends. Should you go down this path, what might not be as clear is the other tags you incorporate into your posts can absolutely be game changers.

Using machine learning methods on hundreds of thousands of the most recent TikTok posts of the currently trending topics, here are the tags that will engage you with a wider audience. Enjoy!

Trending TopicImportant Tags
ActingChallengeforyou, pov, acting, fyp, xyzbca, foryoupage, duet
ActionLinesviral, foryoupage, whatsyourpower, rockincollege, xyzbca, perfectasiam, fyp, foryou
AirheadsDitchChallengeforyoupage, foryou, fyp, xyzbca
Alphetsforyoupage, foryou, canyouworkit, moodflip, viral, xyzbca, fyp
AltTikTokstraighttiktok, lgbt, foryoupage, alt, subwaysurfers, viral, fyp, foryou
AnimeThingsnaruto, foryoupage, weeb, haikyuu, anime, snoozzzapalooza, dogsoftiktok, fyp, foryou
ArtLessonsxyzbca, viral, fyp, foryoupage, perfectasiam, whatsyourpower, rockincollege, foryou
BearWeekviral, fyp, funny, duet, xyzbca, greenscreen, foryoupage, morehappydenimdance
BeautyEssentialsstepintolove, moodflip, viral, foryou, littlevoice, foryoupage, fyp
BeautyTipsskincare, beauty, makeup, fyp, acupgrade, beautyhacks, foryou, foryoupage, xyzbca
BeautyTutorialforyoupage, fyp, premiosjuventudchallenge, viral, xyzbca, foryou
BehindTheSongforyou, greenscreen, fyp, foryoupage, viral, xyzbca, summerlooks, snoozzzapalooza, browfitness
BestCosplayforyou, xyzbca, fyp, viral, letsfaceit, slurpeesummer, foryoupage, elfmagicact
BlackTikTokfyp, foryoupage, foryou, blm, xyzbca, viral
Bookwormviral, sharkweek, booktok, strictlycurls, xyzbca, foryou, foryoupage, canyouworkit
CatPersonviral, xyzbca, foryou, getcooking, duet, funny, readyforhockey, cat, fyp
ChoresInThisHouseforyou, fyp, chemicalhearts, foryoupage, xyzbca, viral, greenscreen, comedy
CloudBreadfyp, gotmilkchallenge, funny, duet, umbrellachallenge, foryou, xyzbca, inmyaejeans
ColorCustomizerfyp, theoldguard, fashionfavorites, foryoupage, greenscreen, foryou
ColorSelectorxyzbca, fyp, foryoupage, viral, foryou
Cottagecoresummervlog, foryoupage, foryou, substepchallenge, fyp
DIYFashionfyp, foryou, foryoupage, viral, strictlycurls, thisisbliss, xyzbca
DUAVIDEObankholready, fyp, coupledup, foryou, parati, duet, dualipa, viral
DateNightfyp, readysetgo, chemicalhearts, foryoupage, foryou, viral
DiverseVoicesviral, fyp, foryoupage, funny, foryou, coupledup, duet
DogPersondog, foryoupage, fyp, viral, dogsoftiktok, funny, foryou
EasyMealviral, superlativesmiles, foryoupage, perfectasiam, funny, rockincollege, whatsyourpower, duet, xyzbca
Entrepreneurmotivation, foryou, viral, inmyaejeans, gotmilkchallenge, king, smallbusiness, garyvee
FanArtartist, drawing, foryoupage, fyp, xyzbca, viral, anime, foryou, art
FashionEditfyp, beatsdaisychallenge, duet, xyzbca, foryoupage, viral, unitedwedance, foryou
FitCheckchemicalhearts, foryou, viral, foryoupage, xyzbca, fyp
Flashbackviral, greenscreenvideo, xyzbca, funny, foryoupage, fyp, greenscreen, littlebitfancy
FreezeFramePhotofunny, fyp, foryou, foryoupage, viral, xyzbca
FurnitureFlipgreenscreen, legendarychallenge, foryoupage, fyp, viral, xyzbca, foryou, homegym, duet
GardenProjectfunny, foryoupage, xyzbca, fyp, foryou, comedy
GetFitviral, acupgrade, xyzbca, foryoupage, thisisbliss, foryou, fyp
GimmeLovexyzbca, comedy, greenscreen, fyp, theoldguard, foryoupage, foryou, duet, viral
GoSkateforyoupage, chemicalhearts, fyp, foryou, greenscreen, xyzbca, viral
GreenScreenSkylittlebitfancy, xyzbca, foryou, duet, maybeitsmaybelline, greenscreen, viral, foryoupage
GreenScreenTilexyzbca, funny, foryoupage, coupledup, perfectasiam, viral, shredwithbillandted, fyp, foryou
GreentoPurplefyp, substepchallenge, xyzbca, foryou, viral, foryoupage, beautyreview, legendarychallenge, greenscreen
HamilFilm4thofjuly, hamilton, substepchallenge, xyzbca, fyp, foryou, foryoupage, viral, hamiltonmusical
HikingSznfyp, xyzbca, foryoupage, superlativesmiles, perfectasiam, viral, foryou, greenscreen, stepintolove
HomeCookingviral, stayathome, fyp, xyzbca, foryou, shredwithbillandted, foryoupage, food
HungerGamesfyp, theoldguard, foryou, xyzbca, foodreview, foryoupage, greenscreen, viral
HurtMyFeelingsviral, fyp, funny, foryou, moodflip, littlevoice, stepintolove, foryoupage
IAmLostxyzbca, letsfaceit, greenscreen, funny, foryou, foryoupage, viral, skincare, fyp, whatsupdocchallenge
IndigenousDayxyzbca, canyouworkit, sharkweek, foryou, strictlycurls, viral, foryoupage, fyp
ItStartsOnTikTokforyou, fyp, viral, foryoupage, rockincollege, whatsyourpower
JustVisitingmoodflip, viral, fyp, stepintolove, littlevoice, foryoupage, foryou
LaughPausefyp, foryoupage, chocolaterecipe, viral, foryou, xyzbca, legendarychallenge, comedy
LookalikeEditduet, fyp, foryou, foryoupage, viral, greenscreen, xyzbca, chilidogyum, umbrellachallenge
MagicMomentviral, xyzbca, fyp, funny, tiktoktaughtme, foryoupage, foryou, theoldguard
MakeAForestfyp, foryoupage, viral, foryou, skincare, icecreamday, whatsupdocchallenge
Manifestationlaceemup, viral, letsfaceit, fyp, morehappydenimdance, greenscreen, spirituality, witchtok, manifest
MeTimefunny, fyp, duet, foryoupage, foryou, xyzbca, greenscreen
MedievalTikTokduet, readysetgo, fyp, xyzbca, foryoupage, greenscreen, funny, foryou
Mipanxyzbca, foryoupage, fyp, parati, chilidogyum, umbrellachallenge, inmyaejeans, foryou, viral
MobileGAmefyp, viral, moodflip, foryou, newfitfeelin, foryoupage, xyzbca, greenscreen
MobileGamemoodflip, fyp, foryou, gaming, viral, foryoupage, newfitfeelin, xyzbca
MusicSavesduet, ripchadwickboseman, fyp
MyBFFviral, fyp, foryoupage, foryou, chilidogyum, xyzbca, premiosjuventudchallenge
MyOrderforyou, readysetgo, viral, chemicalhearts, comedy, funny, greenscreen, fyp
NBAThundersticksreadysetgo, chemicalhearts, viral, duet, funny, foryou, greenscreen, fyp
NicerToMexyzbca, greenscreen, laceemup, viral, foryoupage, morehappydenimdance, foryou, unitedwedance, hiddengems
NobodyNeedsToKnowgreekfreakout, toomanyshoes, duet, xyzbca, viral, foryoupage, greenscreen, foryou, fashionessentials
NotTheOneduet, elfmagicact, funny, xyzbca, biggestfan, viral, comedy, foryoupage, greekfreakout, greenscreen
ObsessedWithItfyp, foryou, summer2020, safeguardsplash, viral, greenscreen, xyzbca, curlscheck, foryoupage
OneLoveOneHeartfyp, foryou, laceemup, foryoupage, viral, morehappydenimdance, letsfaceit, xyzbca
OnlineSchoolfunny, fyp, comedy, coronavirus, college, school, onlineclass, viral
OutfitChangefyp, foryoupage, foryou, thisisbliss, acupgrade, viral
PetsOfTikTokcats, fyp, dogsoftiktok, meetmyparents, foryoupage, animals, cute, dogs, catsoftiktok
PhotoStoryfyp, greenscreen, checkmeoutchallenge, foryou, feeltheflip, xyzbca, planttips, miraclecurlschallenge, viral
Phrogxyzbca, fyp, frog, foryou, morehappydenimdance, comedy, viral, duet
PlayBallbaseball, fyp, greenscreen, funny, foryou, elfmagicact, xyzbca, slurpeesummer
PokemonGOletsfaceit, fyp, whatsupdocchallenge, duet, sportsareback, greenscreen, foryou, foryoupage, funny
PopcornDuetforyoupage, fyp, xyzbca, duet, perfectasiam, viral, superlativesmiles, stepintolove
PostAMemoryforyou, viral, foryoupage, xyzbca, fyp, slurpeesummer, whatsupdocchallenge, letsfaceit
Prince4Evermaybeitsmaybelline, funny, foryou, foryoupage, viral, littlebitfancy, xyzbca, favoriterecipe, greenscreen
ProveWhatsPossiblefyp, foryoupage, foryou, viral
Queerbookhellospring, viral, foryou, fyp, gay, lgbt
RIPJohnLewisviral, duet, foryoupage, rip, johnlewis, blm, letsfaceit, civilrights
Rags2Richesmiraclecurlschallenge, foryou, foryoupage, checkmeoutchallenge, snoozzzapalooza, viral, fyp
RamsayReactsduet, fyp, foryou, foryoupage, umbrellachallenge, viral, chilidogyum
ReadingListtheoldguard, fyp, foryoupage, foryou, greenscreen, viral, xyzbca
Rollerskatingrollerskate, howto, skating, fyp, greenscreen, foryoupage, curlscheck, foryou, viral
ScienceFairduet, foryou, funny, viral, foryoupage, fyp, superlativesmiles, xyzbca
ShowAndTellfyp, foryoupage, foryou, xyzbca, viral
SmallBiteshredwithbillandted, chemicalhearts, fyp, viral, foryoupage, foryou, xyzbca, funny
Snapshotfyp, foryoupage, xyzbca, duet, readysetgo, foryou, greenscreen
SoAwkwardsuperlativesmiles, foryoupage, perfectasiam, viral, foryou, xyzbca, fyp, whatsyourpower
SongOfTheSummerviral, foryou, moodflip, fyp, greenscreen, foryoupage, stepintolove, littlevoice
StanleyCuphockey, nhl, xyzbca, fyp, canyouworkit, foryoupage, viral, foryou
StreetFashionfyp, foryou, foryoupage, inmyaejeans, gotmilkchallenge, viral
SummerDIYumbrellachallenge, fyp, inmyaejeans, foryoupage, xyzbca, foryou, viral
Teleportstepintolove, littlevoice, xyzbca, foryou, fyp, viral, superlativesmiles, foryoupage
TextReactiongreenscreen, letsfaceit, viral, foryou, foryoupage, fyp, xyzbca, morehappydenimdance
TheWeekndEXPthisisbliss, foryou, foryoupage, xyzbca, acupgrade, viral, fyp, gotmilkchallenge
TikTokFanFestfunny, xyzbca, foryou, greenscreen, foryoupage, letsfaceit, elfmagicact, fyp
TikTokRecipeforyoupage, acupgrade, viral, gotmilkchallenge, fyp, xyzbca, foryou, thisisbliss
TikTokTeachersteachersoftiktok, foryou, tiktokteacher, foryoupage, fyp, teacher, teacherlife, teachers
TikTokWithAlexafyp, whatsyourpower, rockincollege, foryoupage, readysetgo, foryou, viral
TimeforTENETtenet, fyp, foryou, foryoupage
TodayILearnedfyp, viral, coupledup, xyzbca, foryou, foryoupage
TodayYearsOldduet, fyp, learnontiktok, foryoupage, laceemup, xyzbca, letsfaceit, icecreamday, whatsupdocchallenge, viral
TokyoOlympicsxyzbca, fyp, elfmagicact, greenscreen, viral, foryou, foryoupage, letsfaceit
TreatYourPetviral, foryoupage, dogsoftiktok, miraclecurlschallenge, snoozzzapalooza, foryou, fyp, checkmeoutchallenge
TwoOptionsxyzbca, viral, foryou, summerproject, beatsdaisychallenge, foryoupage, fyp, unitedwedance
VibeZonebeatsdaisychallenge, fyp, viral, foryoupage, foryou, xyzbca, greenscreen
VinylCheckxyzbca, greenscreen, foryoupage, comedy, funny, foryou, froshweek, fyp, viral
WaitForTheGreatsshredwithbillandted, coupledup, viral, foryou, fyp, foryoupage
WearAMaskhealthyhabits6step, xyzbca, greenscreen, viral, fyp, foryou, familythings, foryoupage, substepchallenge
WelcomeWeekxyzbca, fyp, perfectasiam, comedy, duet, funny, viral, foryoupage
WholeNewGamefunny, premiosjuventudchallenge, duet, foryou, foryoupage, viral, fyp, xyzbca
yougotitfyp, foryoupage, maybeitsmaybelline, deliveryheroes, foryou, viral, healthyhabits6step, littlebitfancy, xyzbca

Interested in another tag or set of tags, don’t be a stranger. Comment below and we’ll be sure to include it in tomorrow’s edition!

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